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The first recorded poultry club in the Wyong Shire was formed in 1905 by pioneer Wyong families like the Trigg's and Gavenlock's. The club held its first show on the Baker Park site. In 1906 the club moved to the newly dedicated Wyong Agricultural Grounds, now the Wyong Race Course. In 1980 Wyong Poultry Club amalgamated with the Gosford Poultry Club to form the Central Coast Poultry Club. Since that time our club has totally renovated our pavilion. Our facility today is the largest permanent poultry pavilion in the state and our club stages the second largest poultry show in the state, second only to the Sydney Royal Show. 

The Club’s mission statement is, “To promote and nurture ongoing interest in purebred poultry.” To achieve this we have several ongoing events throughout the calendar year, all are free and open to the community, and they consist of the following: 

  1. An annual show in May, which displays up to 180 different breeds and colours of poultry. This attracts people from around Australia.
  2. A monthly Poultry & Bird Auction, which attracts hundreds of people each month and sells in excess of $10,000 worth of poultry and birds each month. 
  3. We support local high schools involved in agricultural studies. At present there are 15 such schools, public & private on the coast.
  4. We sponsor & run the State Schools Poultry Show.
  5. Our pavilion is used by five other nationally based poultry breed clubs, bringing hundreds of people to Wyong at different times throughout the year.
  6. We provide advice to the community on anything related to poultry. We provide this advice freely and also are aware of council regulations containing to keeping of poultry, when giving that advice. We promote good animal husbandry.
  7. Our club meets monthly and currently has a membership of 88 people. We also boast to have many of the top breeders in Australia as club members.

We contribute to Wyong’s local community and economy through all the above events and have done so over the past 105 years.

Our members have several endangered pure breeds of poultry, and their flocks represent a resource that will ensure a continued source of genetic diversity for the commercial poultry industry of Australia and the world.
Club Committee

President: Warwick Saunders

463 Fishery Point Rd,


Phone: (02) 4970 5662

[email protected]

Treasurer: Dylan Summerall

75 Bruce Cres,


Phone: 0403 573 708

Secretary: Chris White

P. O. Box 255

Ourimbah, NSW 2258

Phone: (02) 4977 3395

Mob: 0418 258 831

Show Secretary: David Gaggin

16 Darlingup Road,

WYEE, NSW 2259

Mob: 0459 157 039

[email protected]

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